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At Pioneer Cuts we enjoy helping
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We are eleven unique individuals with vast knowledge and expertise.


We are a full service quick turn CNC Machine Shop


Powerful CAD/CAM technology is integrated with our highly advanced CNC/CMM Machines for complete trace-ability throughout the manufacturing process.


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Quick turn CNC machining services are complex and difficult. The process involves intricate machinery and requires keen attention to detail. As a result, knowing which tools to use and how to set up a workpiece properly takes years of dedicated practice. At Pioneer Cuts, we work as an experienced team of machinists who can safely operate lathes, mills, grinders, and routers.

Our crew processes a wide range of materials to meet extremely precise specifications, with our primary focus on accuracy and efficiency from start to finish. We manufacture thousands of parts and prototypes using our state-of-the-art quick turn CNC machining equipment, all while staying abreast the latest industry trends to give you the cutting edge with a reliable, established resource.

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As an ITAR-certified prototyping shop with clients from aerospace to consumer electronics, we have the tooling and know-how to get you exactly what you need on your schedule.

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To ensure that our parts meet the compliance standards of your industry, we are also capable of generating reports and certifications to accompany all items that we ship.

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Our skilled machinists and technicians have the knack for mechanical solutions. They make quick work of any prototype assembly – regardless of the complexity.

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Why Choose Us?

Pioneer Cuts has earned its prestigious reputation as Michigan’s premier quick turn CNC machining service provider.

We’re dedicated to perfection and maintain updated knowledge of modern manufacturing standards. As a result, our talented team is poised to provide rapid, cost-effective precision on projects big or small.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and industry-leading tools to provide 24-hour turnarounds and unmatched customer support.

Our knowledge of CAD and CAM programs helps us manage the extremely delicate details of complex manufacturing projects. From individual goals to big government contracts, we vow to treat every client like they’re the only one.

Meanwhile, we view your objectives like they’re our own. Pioneer Cuts offers a convenient 6- hour quoting interface and can even hasten shipping for those who need it most.

Our professional services include CNC milling and turning, metal finishing, prototyping, assembly, and inspections/certifications. That’s why we’re the state’s best full-service CNC machining shop and plan to stay that way.

Pioneer Cuts is staffed by a dozen dedicated machinists with nearly a half-century of combined experience. We take pride in our work and prioritize your deadlines as we walk you step-by- step through the entire process. Our motto is simple and necessary: Make exceptional parts on a schedule that suits you best. We raise the bar on quick turn CNC machining and welcome feedback so we can continually improve our business model.

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We are a full service quick turn CNC Machine Shop. One-stop shop for all your project management needs.

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