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    The global CNC industry is worth an estimated $82.4 billion, with projections reaching as high as $117.65 billion by the year 2027. That’s a 3% growth rate in just under six years, which means the most prepared CNC machine shops are suddenly poised to offer their clients even more. But as great as that sounds for the average facility, the influx in options can make it hard for some clients to choose the right service provider.

    Moreover, some clients are clueless as to what the latest machining innovations have been. Unable to follow their own industry as well as manufacturing, they rely on machinists to understand the many nuances of computer-aided production. However, the best projects involve a meeting of the minds – product designers and engineers working together for the greater good. So, it’s important to study the various machining capabilities offered at Pioneer Cuts for yourself.

    What services do CNC machine shops offer?

    Not only are CNC machine shops constructed specifically to manufacture small and large parts, components, or products, but they’re also the only place on Earth where you can do it all under one roof. One-stop facilities take your concept and turn it into reality without causing delays for outsourcing or cost increases for unnecessary overhead. They’re fast, efficient, and a fundamental part of our society.

    Meanwhile, the best manufacturing companies always provide the following five services, if not more:

    #1. Rapid Prototyping

    Nearly all manufacturing projects require a preliminary design phase wherein engineers and machinists can examine specific components and/or troubleshoot geometries. However, that phase can’t take long and it can’t cost a lot either. So, rapid prototyping (RP) is often integrated into the manufacturing process. It helps save time, money, resources, and manpower if it’s done at the right time.

    #2. Non-Destructive Testing

    Aside from RP, there are several other reasons to test the products that you make. Still, some designs and materials don’t handle certain testing processes very well. So, the machine shop must employ staff that knows how to use potentially dangerous, high-tech equipment for NDT phases. If not, it won’t matter how accurate your prototypes are because they won’t withstand the manufacturing stage anyway. Talk to a CNC expert at Pioneer Cuts for more information on your options.

    #3. Mass Production and Micromachining

    In today’s high-tech world, it’s a major asset to have access to CNC shops that can handle micromachining projects. With computer component manufacturing on the rise alongside automation, many products now require minuscule production processes to create fine tolerances and complex geometries. Thus, well-equipped facilities can manage micro-specifications and then repeat the process several times to fabricate bulk orders for a wide variety of industries.

    #4. Expedited Metal Finishing

    Some projects aren’t completed until the exterior is finished, but many CNC shops export that works to smaller facilities. Meanwhile, large shops with smart layouts can send metals right to the finishing floor without delay. Whether that involves plating, passivation, powder coating, or hot blackening, your engineering team should be able to handle the details quickly while helping you decide when it’s the right time.

    #5. Industry Certifications

    Designing and creating different parts and components for your industry is difficult enough, so you don’t need the extra headache of trying to get those items certified. Because Pioneer Cuts is already cleared with AS9100 and ISO9000 certifications plus ITAR registration, all of their aerospace, automotive, medical, and firearms manufacturing automatically adheres to regulations. This helps shorten lead times while keeping industry standards intact more efficiently.

    Some facilities might also offer custom CNC machining services for those who have projects that don’t necessarily require certification or non-destructive testing. Generally, that includes artistic installments which may still go through the rapid prototyping and expedited finishing processes.

    How can a CNC machine shop help your business?

    Did you know that simplified machining has been shown to significantly boost the businesses that use it? So, while some manufacturing facilities focus primarily on offering a wide range of different services, the best shops know the value of efficiency. So, they typically streamline the production floor with better machines, higher quality tools, and state-of-the-art software like ProShop ERP.

    Because of that, here are the top four ways that a well-established CNC facility like Pioneer Cuts can help grow your company:

    #1. Make your venture more profitable.

    Good manufacturing means better reception from consumers. Boosted brand loyalty means increased profits. And increased profits mean more innovations in your company. Over time, that can result in greater net profits and recognition within your industry.

    #2. Improve productivity on site.

    When you don’t have to wait forever or pay high costs to get the manufactured components you need, productivity at your company naturally increases. That can result in a boosted budget wherein your money goes a little further than it used to.

    #3. Understand material properties.

    Working with a team that understands material properties can help improve your machining outcomes. And since most clients don’t really know how materials interplay with manufacturing processes, they create products that require expert eyes for better results.

    Furthermore, the best CNC facilities can help you cut production costs by using high-end technologies and industry-leading tooling techniques. So, get in touch with an expert today to find out how you could save more time and money on your upcoming project.

    3 tips for cutting costs on CNC machining projects

    As a new user of computer-numerical control manufacturing, you may need a few pointers to help cut the budget. Here are some tips to get you started:

    1. Get a quick online quote before you begin. Pioneer Cuts uses intuitive software to provide clients with an accurate service quote in as little as six hours.

    2. Calculate the hourly rate average. Experts can then help you determine where corners could be cut without sacrificing the quality of your project.

    3. Work on troubleshooting ahead of production. Have your team create a prototype for examination before mass manufacturing to prevent unnecessary expenses.

    The takeaway

    Being new to the CNC machining realm is no problem as long as you work with a shop that’s willing to educate and compromise. So, contact a PC pro as soon as you’re ready to launch, and be sure to ask an expert for money-saving tips and productivity hacks.

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