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About Us

At Pioneer Cuts we enjoy helping
companies bring their ideas to life!


We are eleven unique individuals with vast knowledge and expertise.


We are a full service quick turn CNC Machine Shop


Powerful CAD/CAM technology is integrated with our highly advanced CNC/CMM Machines for complete trace-ability throughout the manufacturing process.


24 Hour and Expedited Services Available! Get Your Project Off The Ground With A High Quality


Company History

Jason Davis worked his way up from the bottom at various machine shops and found that programming was what really interested him. Jason started taking parts home at night in order to gain experience programming and shortly was promoted to Programmer. While working as Quality Manager at Roth Fabricating Jason was put in charge of all government contracts, this is where he became familiar with contracts and how to secure them.

This and his programming expertise gave him the tools that he felt were needed to start doing business for himself. Eventually Jason and his wife used a home owner’s loan to acquire a TorMach CNC machine that he installed in his garage at home and this was where Pioneer Cuts was founded. After a couple of years of taking jobs as side projects he quit his full time programming job and put all of his efforts into his own business. In 2018 he had achieved enough success to move his business from his garage to a 4,500 sq foot facility in Onsted, Michigan and the rest is history.


JASON DAVIS – Owner of Pioneer Cuts, LLC. with 25 years in the CNC machine business. Jason was born and raised in Michigan. Jason lives with his wife, Angela and dog Easton. He enjoys spending time with his children Samantha and Brandon as well as his sidekick Kiera. When Jason isn’t in the shop you can find him at home relaxing or in the summertime, out on a lake in his boat where he is known for his famous Pictured Rock boat tours.

25 years of experience

Our Mission

Here at Pioneer Cuts we enjoy helping companies bring their ideas to life!

Our passion is CNC Rapid Prototyping, specializing in 1-10pcs. Located in Onsted, Michigan. We ship our CNC machined components from our machine shop in Onsted to anywhere within the U.S.A and Canada.

Our Vision

Pioneer Cuts is not only a quality CNC machine shop, but a CNC service too!

We are here to assist you in anyway possible, and to ensure that your project stays on schedule. Customer service is our focus. We want to help get quality, ready-to-use parts to you as quickly as possible with our one stop shop business model.


Fast CNC Machining, CNC Programming ,Rapid Prototyping, Assembly Metal Finishing, Fabrication​ & Welding and Inspection & Testing.

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