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    Pioneer Cuts strives to remain on the front lines of technology and communications to offer our clients and vendors better transparency and reliable education. To accomplish this, we’re launching a YouTube channel where we’ll be posting informative and entertaining videos every other week.

    Pioneer Cuts YouTube Channel Overview

    Our YouTube account was set up to offer viewers a closer look into how Pioneer Cuts does business. On the channel, we’ll share our favorite trade secrets regarding advanced machining and fixturing techniques. We’ll also review common CNC machining problems and offer troubleshooting solutions from some of our best resident experts.

    In the future, we also hope to create a series highlighting our journey from a risky initial investment to a premier one-stop CNC shop. We’ll take you step-by-step from conception to our current state of affairs. Also giving you more insight into why Pioneer Cuts is leading the way in fabrication and manufacturing.

    The channel is designed to answer common (and uncommon) questions that many machinists ask, especially when they’re planning to branch out on their own. In the world of CNC, there are countless unknowns and that can be extremely off-putting to a hopeful entrepreneur. So, Pioneer Cuts aims to reveal the most efficient path to success by sharing our own mistakes and achievements on a candid platform.

    The Scope and Scale

    Our team is dedicated to ensuring a bright future for our nation and the CNC machining industry. Therefore, the Pioneer Cuts YouTube channel focuses on encouraging Americans to consider the trade. Young millennials are gifted and energetic, which means their interest in CNC machining is paramount to protecting manufacturing in the United States.

    We’ll offer logical suggestions to help viewers of all ages apply their unique thought processes to American manufacturing sectors. Our tips, tricks, and industry hacks are therefore provided in the hope that they’ll create a more competitive marketplace in the future. In fact, Pioneer Cuts wants to inspire all people to find their own meaning and passion in the trade.

    Our ultimate goal is therefore to engage with the community and learn as much as we teach. Thus, interactions are always welcome, if not essential. Pioneer Cuts experts will then show viewers what works, what doesn’t, and why. We’ll also explain why certain machines are better than others, review different techniques, and discuss our good and bad experiences with each choice so that you can live vicariously through us.

    The Pioneer Cuts YouTube Channel Difference

    A quick search on the YouTube platform will reveal thousands of machining channels, some of which are even sponsored. Each one varies in quality and content, but they all share one similar feature:

    Most CNC YouTube channels show viewers how to push a tool as fast as they can, creating a whirlwind of material chips that fly all over the shop for better optics.

    Pioneer Cuts is different. Instead of focusing on showmanship and subscribers, we target the topics that curious minds truly crave, gaining an organic following of brilliant machinists. Our exclusive channel addresses the before and after of high-accuracy CNC projects, including an overview of strengths, weaknesses, and possible problems that you could face. School is now in session.

    The Stars of Pioneer Cuts on YouTube

    Our channel will be hosted by a wide variety of talented machinists. Depending on the subject matter of the video, different experts will offer their advice and opinions to the audience. As a result, we hope to create a large database of visual information that can be used at anytime, anywhere, and by anyone.

    The YouTube platform is already massive, with millions of videos being posted every day. Most CNC machinists who watch videos there end up viewing Ballistic Machinist at some point. His posts focus on designing, manufacturing, and testing various grades of ammunition. For the last six months, he has been a major part of the Pioneer Cuts premium team of CNC machinists.

    We are proud to have such a brilliant mind join the PC family and share our YouTube stardom. For now, he serves as a lead machinist on our crew. Soon, he will be offering his genius via our curated YouTube playlist. So, stay tuned as we explore all facets of the fascinating fabrication field.

    Why Pioneer Cuts Videos Can Be Trusted

    Pioneer Cuts is known for its speedy, cost-effective, and reliable CNC service portfolio. However, our unique motto is what has given us a major edge in the manufacturing industry. Put simply: We refuse to pass up on a job that’s priced right and within our work envelope.
    In turn, our team has gained mountains of experience in dealing with various machining obstacles. We thrive under pressure and consistently provide our clients with accurate, on-time components. For that reason, our YouTube channel stands to become an authoritative source of CNC machining information.

    The takeaway

    The manufacturing industry survives off of the backs of talented individuals who have an interest and knowledge in CNC fabrication. That’s why Pioneer Cuts is taking a proactive role in encouraging the next generation of machinists. Through our bi-weekly YouTube channel, we hope to educate and inspire the future of fabrication and ensure a more robust industry.

    For more information about the Ballistic Machinist or Pioneer Cuts on YouTube, visit the YouTube app or contact someone from our customer service department to be redirected.

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