New York

New York – the hub of modernism in our country. Since the founding of this great nation, New York has served as a beacon of innovation and common sense. Meanwhile, the CNC machining industry continues to grow as consumers await the creations of inspired manufacturers. But without Pioneer Cuts, none of that would be possible.

Manufactured Excellence for Top New York Companies

From start to finish, Pioneer Cuts diligently manages every minute detail of our CNC machining services. That means our clients receive tailored assistance and cost-effective methodologies to fabricate metals and other raw materials. We adhere to a strict efficiency policy, which lets us develop a strategic approach that challenges expectations while still obeying industry regulations.
Our creative crew understands the importance of establishing and maintaining market relevance through competitive product distribution. So, we actively engage with our clients inside a convenient one-stop CNC machine shop. That way, we all can harness the power of advanced technologies, excellent raw materials, and a dedicated staff.
Pioneer Cuts experts can help clients find a competitive edge despite their project complexities, schedules, or budgets. Our professional CNC machining services include everything from rapid prototyping (RP) and additive manufacturing (3D printing) to micromachining and non-destructive testing (NDT). Plus, we have all the necessary ISO certifications to back up our work.
FACT: We hold nearly all ISO certificates, including ISO9001:2015, AS9100, and ITAR.

Cut the Fat without Cutting the Quality

At Pioneer Cuts, you get more than excellent machining done by ISO-certified machinists. You also receive cost-cutting recommendations and detailed project analyses with every order. We use sophisticated quoting software to generate comprehensive estimates first. Then, we finagle the details to create an affordable manufacturing approach that satisfies all requirements. With us, you never have to settle for second best because of the budget.

Large Scale Manufacturing with Precision

Quantity should never mitigate quality. Whether you need a single prototype for a small project or a massive batch of assembled parts, precision always counts. So, Pioneer Cuts experts machine all orders with equal due diligence. Our facility can handle large-scale manufacturing contracts just as well as small-scale machining designs. And that’s because we rely on a dependable and repeatable process that saves enough room for versatility.

The Pioneer Cuts standard is so effective that it’s often imitated by other machine shops. Our star-studded crew combines talent, technique, and tooling to serve up exemplary craftsmanship at competitive prices. So, we help industries harness precision to fulfill their potential, satisfy obligations, and elevate market expectations despite the design or material.

Find Quality Raw Materials in New York

The best raw materials for CNC machining are found in the Pioneer Cuts vault. We work closely with a vast network of suppliers from around the globe. That way, our clients never have to adjust their trajectory on account of material shortages or supply chain problems.

Through careful inventory vetting and frequent value add audits, we deliver the finest CNC outcomes in the state. However, our lean machining techniques mean you still pay less for higher levels of precision. The result is a superior finished product at a faster rate and lower cost.

From rapid prototyping (RP) and additive manufacturing (3D printing) to micromachining and non-destructive testing (NDT), we do it better. Plus, our crew gathers resources from a large inventory of quality raw materials, including these popular options:
1.) Stainless Steel
We offer stainless steel fabrication services for industries big or small despite complex geometries.
2.) Polycarbonate
Our team can fabricate polycarbonate parts regardless of the design, schedule, or budget.
3.) Aluminum
Pioneer Cuts specializes in aluminum machining, including aluminum die casting and aluminum sand casting services.
We hold, mold, and manipulate several high-quality raw materials for clients in the New York area. Our catalog also contains Kovar, plastics, nylon, titanium, and tungsten. So, reach out to Pioneer Cuts for the excellent raw materials you need.

CNC Machining Services with Professional Precision

We take our outcomes personally. With an established track record for CNC machining precision and efficiency, Pioneer Cuts regularly completes orders for high-profile clients across the country, including these:

We understand the challenges associated with passing inspection while still fostering innovation. So, we actively develop strategies and troubleshoot our approach to deliver outstanding manufacturing and assembly. And that goes regardless of the client’s size or notoriety.

A Personalized Manufacturing Opportunity

Jason Davis launched Pioneer Cuts back in 2016 after finally realizing his calling. With a second mortgage and a one-car garage, he started a CNC machine shop that has become the pride of New York. His exceptional business model is now the industry standard.

Alongside his son, Brandon, and daughter-in-law, Shelby, Davis operates an expansive metal fabrication facility that handles small and large-scale manufacturing projects. Together with their trusty shop dog, Easton, the team helps streamline production for countless industries to keep clients ahead of the curve.

NOTE: As per our standard operating procedure, we invite you to pet Easton any time you visit the shop.

Streamline Manufacturing with Rapid CNC

Enjoy faster fabrication with fewer headaches. We established Pioneer Cuts to be a shining example of what CNC machining services can achieve with a mindful approach. Our business model stands on consistent perfection through innovative, tech-supported methodologies. So, find out what you can do with a PC pro today.

Contact our business managers, Brandon Davis or Alyssa Timler, at for more information. Or reach out directly by phone at (517) 789-4988 And while you’re there, don’t forget about your six-hour project quote using our intuitive software.