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    COVID-19 has affected the entire planet, and Pioneer Cuts was no exception. In fact, some of our staff (including the company president, Jason Davis) recently tested positive for the virus. Despite this setback, we can proudly announce that we’ve taken all appropriate measures to help stop the spread in its tracks. And because of our swift action, we’re now fully operational again. However, there have been some changes in the way we do business.

    What Happened

    Michigan has been hit hard by this pandemic. In fact, three Pioneer Cuts employees recently tested positive for COVID-19. Upon getting their initial test results, those three workers voluntarily quarantined themselves at home and sought immediate medical care. Our customers should expect that same due diligence when it comes to avoidance and mitigation.

    Before returning to work, all quarantine employees were tested several times to ensure a consistent negative result. Uninfected employees were promptly tested as well just to be safe. Their rapid response to the outbreak allowed our team to contain the virus completely within just a few short weeks. We’re now able to continue offering high-quality services on convenient schedules.

    What We Did

    We took immediate action after receiving positive coronavirus test results. Instantly, we started handling all of our meetings online to prevent contamination of our team and facility. We also stopped taking and making sales calls in an effort to isolate anyone with undiscovered symptoms until they were tested and cleared. We followed those steps until there was no sign of coronavirus in our facility whatsoever.

    Meanwhile, our staff took all the proper precautions to stay safe and prevent future infections among the team or within the clientele. Additionally, our staff separated to limit interim exposure and to stop the transmission of undiscovered cases. In that way, none of our equipment was subjected to the COVID-19 virus and no more infections were reported.

    Regardless, everything in our facility was thoroughly disinfected following the most recent CDC guidelines. We cleaned all the parts, materials, and machines in our care before restructuring our shipping method completely. Now, all shipping and receiving activity takes place outside of the facility to eliminate direct exposure to FedEx, UPS, USPS, and other national carriers.

    Then, we set up several sanitation stations in different areas of our facility. Staff was urged to use the supplies often, as intended. We also began doing nightly disinfecting passes on all equipment and furniture, including desks, doors, floors and shared work surfaces. These precautions have proven successful in protecting our employees, our suppliers, and our customers from possible infection and/or transmission.

    What’s Happening Now

    Our technicians and machinists have been routinely testing to ensure optimal wellness since this ordeal began. However, we will continue to monitor staff health for potential symptoms so that we can take a proactive approach to stop the spread. Our efforts have helped prevent further cross-contamination, and they’ve allowed us to return to full operational capacity right away. So, we’re confident that those same efforts will shield us from future incidents as we return to our regularly scheduled program.

    What to Expect Next

    You can expect to get the same great service from Pioneer Cuts that you’ve grown accustomed to over the years. Nothing has changed except for how we handle our parts and conduct day-to-day tasks. We’re still committed to giving you quality parts on a schedule that suits you best, even if that means going the extra mile to keep you safe.

    Our talented staff is dedicated to making this transition as smooth and painless as possible. And thanks to our vendors’ generous flexibility as well as our staff’s responsible handling of the crisis, Pioneer Cuts customers can once again enjoy business as usual without the threat of COVID-19.

    All in-house components are now free from any viral contamination, and none of our on-site staff is infected at this time. We’ve appreciated your patience as we’ve managed our exposure to the pandemic and defined our responses to it. As always, we hope to continue being Michigan’s premier CNC machine shop and we send well wishes to anyone affected by or infected with the coronavirus.

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