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    Busy machine shops like Pioneer Cuts are always looking for new and improved ways to provide services to their customers. But since we’ve gotten the reputation of being the best in the biz, with rapid turnaround times and fast, accurate quotes, it only makes sense that we integrate ProShop ERP to stay on the cutting edge of CNC machining. So, what is this new software and how does it help? Here’s what you need to know.

    What is ProShop ERP?

    This is a revolutionary new software for manufacturing and CNC machining applications. It uses a unique integrated operating system to offer users much more than their standard MES and QMS software ever did. In fact, most machinists utilize it to help manage every aspect of their projects – from monitoring basic shop floor procedures to organizing the back-office inventory.

    Each module is set up to replace outdated equipment and help simplify the machining process. The web-based navigation and user-friendly platform make it easier for project managers to learn new techniques and perfect their old ones.

    That’s because the software essentially links all facets of a CNC machine shop to combine important information in one easy-to-access area. Thus, it helps machinists make more informed decisions while they complete each task.

    Meanwhile, here are just a few of the various integrated modules provided by this new all-inclusive software:

    • Estimates
    • Contacts
    • Purchase Orders
    • Quotes
    • Parts
    • Work Orders
    • Scheduling
    • Purchasing
    • Job Pricing
    • Inventory
    • Staffing
    • Messaging
    • Reporting
    • Tooling
    • Time Tracking
    • Parts Tracing
    • Equipment Monitoring
    • Quality Control
    • Preventative Action
    • Corrective Action
    • Returns
    • Standards
    • Audits
    • Non-Conformance Reports

    Visit the ProShop ERP website for a more complete breakdown of the software’s features. Also, rest assured that Pioneer Cuts is taking full advantage of this cohesive technology to bring our clientele the most convenient experience and the most accurately machined parts.

    5 ways ProShop ERP is helping Pioneer Cuts thrive

    Any legitimate CNC machining facility understands the importance of remaining current with new manufacturing technologies. That’s why Pioneer Cuts now uses ProShop ERP to help streamline our processes and offer clients more reliable services. In fact, we have witnessed at least five positive changes in the way we do business. So, here’s a brief overview of how the software is helping us thrive:

    #1. More accurate project quotes

    ProShop ERP helps our machinists create more comprehensive project estimates for customized parts and components, meaning better budgeting power for our clientele. Using the Rapid Estimate Template, we can make a detailed process flow that includes labor costs, cycle times, and material procurement. In turn, we can better specify vendors, communicate more accurate lead times, and explain markups more efficiently. Our estimates then move seamlessly into the software’s intuitive Parts Module for the next steps, whether that be redesigning or immediate production.

    #2. Improved machining speeds

    This software also helps us increase our production speeds by a measurable margin. Selected modules can track each order with detailed data about costs, dates, and manufacturing requirements. When all of that information is in one place, it’s much easier for our machinists to complete work orders quickly and accurately. With a single click, ProShop ERP lets us turn job quotes into a purchase order then send those specifications to the appropriate party. Then, project specs get connected to the Customer Contact module, so we know who’s doing what and when in real-time.

    #3. Increased on-site and off-site efficiency

    The platform also lets Pioneer Cuts work inside or outside of the company with fewer hiccups. That equals better business dealings with top vendors, service providers, and on-site machinists, plus more dependable project management all around. This software manages names, contact information, project notes, quality requirements, shipping data, receiving hours, credits, and just about anything else that pertains to an order. We can even monitor customer satisfaction through a series of surveys while sharing updated documents on manufacturing standards or cosmetic tolerances with our machinists.

    #4. Enhanced part traceability

    Our team’s ability to trace finished parts and track orders has been greatly improved as well. As a result, our customers have developed even greater trust in the PC team. The program’s media-rich platform lets us view specific project details, including shipping locations, finish times, and shop routings. With a large database and easy-to-access information, we can even lookup orders as far as five years back. Therefore, the software also helps us troubleshoot our most commonly used machining processes and figure out better ways to get the job done.

    #5. Higher quality outcomes

    ProShop ERP lets the Pioneer Cuts maintenance team stay on top of machining tools and filters, giving our machinists more power to produce quick and accurate parts. We can create detailed work orders for anyone on the staff, with photos or videos to explain each issue and a comprehensive history audit on all subsequent actions.

    The platform gives us over 25 different dashboards upon which to control what happens on our floor, resulting in improved machining accuracy and boosted employee morale. The integrated Standards Module, for example, helps us configure tolerances and run more revealing tests on completed parts.

    As an added bonus, we now enjoy reduced machine set-up times as well, with embedded simulation content on our work orders and those instructions linked to the prep sheets in our CAM systems. So, every Pioneer Cuts machinist in the shop is kept up to speed and fully equipped from start to finish.

    In conclusion

    By using state-of-the-art machining equipment and revolutionary ProShop ERP software, our team is able to provide the best CNC machining services that money can buy. Combined with our commitment to serving customers with reliable efficiency and consistent accuracy, Pioneer Cuts is now poised to become a leading manufacturer in the United States and abroad.

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