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    According to the latest research, the global CNC machining industry is worth over $80 billion. That same study concluded it would reach more than $115 billion by the year 2026. With a 6% growth margin like that, Pioneer Cuts is taking advantage of our clients’ benefit.

    The future of Pioneer Cuts Michigan

    Pioneer Cuts is excited to announce our latest expansion plans. Since our inception, it has been the primary mission to offer Michigan top-quality CNC machining services on reliable schedules. It’s our hope that these new changes will bring about more success for our machinists and clients together, and perhaps even allow us to help with projects in other states.
    With additional equipment and facilities comes a major learning curve and many business model adjustments though. Therefore, we want to inform you of our upcoming developments so you can grow right along with us. After all, Pioneer Cuts would not be the premier CNC machine shop it is if it weren’t for you.

    A preview of Pioneer Cuts new facility

    We are in the beginning stages of adding several upgrades to our existing facilities. First, we plan to add sheet metal processing to our already lengthy list of machining techniques. Then, we’ll also be fortifying our metal finishing processes to offer more services under one roof. This, in turn, will hopefully make it even easier for us to manage tight schedules without sacrificing component quality.

    Our dedicated crew of experts has considered joining forces with other production teams as well. We might be bringing in a few more CNC machines to help customers fulfill their orders more efficiently. The Pioneer Cuts new facility will offer greater accuracy, increased speeds, and better outcomes overall.

    We promise not to collaborate with any company or supplier that’s not top-rated or considered an expert in the field. Our goal is to seamlessly assimilate the new services and equipment to give our clients more support and a greater number of manufacturing options.

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    The pros & cons of adding services at Pioneer Cuts

    Pioneer Cuts knows all about managing growing pains. Along with our rapid growth has come much experience and preparation for bigger things. That has translated into readiness, which has turned into a major benefit for our clients and our staff.

    However, there are a few pros and cons to consider before the expansion is complete:


    • Our team will be ready, willing, and able to take on new skills and assignments.
    • We will work with industry trailblazers to become more reliable and efficient.
    • The techniques require are already know by our crew of experts.


    • Additional management must be hired to oversee new processes.
    • Those processes must be explained to machinists in our comprehensive quality manual.
    • New quality assurance systems will have to be set in place beforehand.

    Meanwhile, please allow us to shoulder the burden of this expansion. Our existing services will never wane because of it. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact our friendly customer service for help.

    The takeaway

    At Pioneer Cuts, we understand what it takes to handle complex CNC machining projects on a tight schedule. So, we’re working with each other and the community to offer an expanded service package alongside the same great quality and accuracy you have come to associate with our company.

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