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    Every project has a price, and every client has a budget. So, getting accurate estimates is not only important to your bottom line but it’s also helpful to the process overall. In fact, automatic quoting software is commonly used to help expedite and simplify manufacturing projects. That’s especially true for projects that involve 3D CAD models and CNC machining.

    So, why is Pioneer Cuts not offering automated estimating services like everybody else? Well, it’s because of many reasons, actually. There are several pros and cons to taking into consideration before assuming that this technology is flawless. And we believe in being on the cutting edge of service, not just science.

    What is automatic quoting software for 3D CAD Models?

    AQ software for manufacturing is a relatively new innovation. Clients and/or machinists put specifications into the program using various measurements such as inches, centimeters, or millimeters. The result is a calculated cost breakdown of the project, albeit not always completely accurate.

    Why is it used?

    There are several reasons why many quick turn CNC machine shops use automatic quoting software for 3-dimensional CAD prototypes and parts. For starters, it’s much faster than hands-on examinations of blueprints and design specifications. For two, it can make the process easier for both parties.

    Automated estimates usually only take a few hours, as opposed to a few days with other methods. There are obviously some factors that every client needs to consider, but you never have to wait around just to find out how to submit a quote. The automated process is streamlined for your benefit.

    PC Pros and Cons of Automatic Quoting Software for 3D CAD Models

    Some CNC machine shops will offer automatic quoting services for 3D CAD prototypes. However, it’s not the ideal process for every project because of the many problems that can pop up. So, be sure to talk to your machinist for more information about the specific advantages and disadvantages.

    In the meantime, carefully consider this:


    1. Automatic quoting lets you guide the shipment all the way from the estimate to the checkout process.
    2. You even get to order parts without direct human interaction via an online portal.
    3. This option is much more convenient for clients who are in a hurry to get the job done.
    4. Rapid quoting services like this can help you save money on the backend in certain situations.
    5. Professional machinists are still in charge of running the programs and machines that ultimately make your parts.


    1. Complex projects can get kicked back for manual review by the software.
    2. Material and tooling costs may increase to account for variances in how the software reads features.
    3. The client is responsible for paying for that margin of error.
    4. It’s not the only way to provide rapid service quotes to potential clients.
    5. It removes the personal touch and talent of the design team.

    Plus, nobody wants to schedule follow-ups because a project didn’t get a timely response from automatic quoting software. Unfortunately, many customers are forced to do it this way because of poor customer support. Pioneer Cuts is ten steps ahead though, with techniques and technicians that help us reduce the margin of error and ultimately your costs – all without automatic quoting software.

    How Pioneer Cuts eliminates the error without AQ software?

    Pioneer Cuts of Michigan is known as that state’s premier quick-turn CNC machine shop for a reason. We’re proud of our impeccable communication with clients through all stages of their projects. Moreover, our customer support is unmatched so that you can take the “set it and forget it” approach to purchase.

    Machinist reviewing 3D CAD model On top of that, we employ only top brass talent from across the country. That means your quotes come out fast and accurate every single time. Additionally, we find it easy to eliminate the margin of error costs for complex parts and strive to keep you informed every step of the way.

    Granted, automatic quoting is nothing like what it once was. Back in the day, clients would have to keep their fingers crossed for good news. Today results usually come back quickly as long as the inputs are simplified enough. But we keep our fingers on the pulse of the technologies offered by every company available, and that’s how we reduce costs and hit deadlines while still providing you with exemplary service.

    Why we choose not to use it?

    It’s not always easy to cut costs, especially when you’re manufacturing and/or buying machined parts. Finding a balance between low-priced services and consistent accuracy can be tough. So, Pioneer Cuts works diligently to solve those problems without making customers incur unnecessary fees.

    Admittedly, we would love to implement automatic quoting software into our business plan. After all, it helps certain customers achieve their goals more efficiently and could increase our production speeds. However, our shop just isn’t willing to use faulty software in an effort to make more money.

    We feel as though it would be a disservice to our valued customers if we implemented AQ software too early in the game. In fact, the technology has a long way to go before it can match our staff’s talent and response time. So, for now, we’ll continue to rely on good old-fashioned techniques that are supported by updated, nearly flawless technologies.

    How to get a quote fast from Pioneer Cuts?

    Before assuming that all automatic quoting software for 3D CAD models is the same, know this: it all comes down to the machinist who’s reading the output. Between technological limitations and margins for error, the option just isn’t good enough for our customers. That’s why we encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.

    Reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team for quick responses and 6-hour quotes. There will be no margin of error to account for and no crossing of the fingers in the meantime. We only offer reliability and low-cost machining because there are plenty of other CNC machine shops doing the exact opposite.

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