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    Pioneer Cuts Expansion

    There are many challenges facing CNC machine shops these days, but Pioneer Cuts breaks the mold. We’re getting ready to build a 3,200 square foot facility next to our already massive headquarters. When we said we were committed to serving the community in innovative ways, we weren’t kidding.

    A Brief History of Pioneer Cuts

    Pioneer Cuts was founded on the belief that hard work equals quality parts and excellent customer service. We weren’t always the company you know today though. Like most businesses, we started out as just an idea – an at-home side gig, courtesy of Jason Davis.

    JD started out as a Quality Manager for Roth Fabricating before going into business for himself. His intimate knowledge of programming then allowed him to find the most talented machinists in Michigan. What started out as a dream quickly turned into the best quick turn CNC machine shop in the state.

    Through our consistent commitment to on-time delivery of high-quality parts, we were able to quickly expand into several new territories. By 2018, Pioneer Cuts moved from a garage to a massive 4,500 sq. ft. facility in the heart of Onsted. As such, the last few years ushered in explosive growth for us.

    Pioneer Cuts Today

    Our commitment to quality is matched only by our devotion to the community. We prioritize safety and value due diligence on every level. As a company, we have faced countless challenges. But by adhering to the strict principles of our foundation, we have been able to service virtually every industry while maintaining exceptional customer satisfaction rates.

    Today, Pioneer Cuts makes customized parts and prototypes for a wide variety of vital industries. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machining tools and managed by talented staff. We offer essential services ranging from quick-turn CNC machining and rapid prototyping to component testing and parts certifications.

    Our tailored approach to machining is evidence of our expertise. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as the premier CNC machine shop, both locally and abroad. In fact, our focus on dependability and transparency is what drove our growth to the point it is now.

    How We Are Expanding into the Future

    Future Business ImageAs a valued client of Pioneer Cuts, we invite you to take advantage of our latest expansion into new territories. We plan to tackle even more complex projects in the future – to service niche industries and offer mainstream industries greater access to one-stop CNC machining. Our new building will help us all achieve our goals.

    This week, we break ground on a 40 ft. by 80 ft. facility expansion. In it, we intend to build an adonizing and chemical conversion line to turn parts around quicker and more efficiently. It will virtually eliminate the need for outsourcing your metal finishing processes.

    We’ll also use the new facility to complete special production and manufacturing projects. For example, the extra space will allow us to take on more work from our respected prototyping customers. By investing back into our original principle of hard work and high quality, we’re able to offer clients better services and faster turnarounds at a lower cost than the competition.

    It’s our hope that the expansion will also help us build better relationships with more of our customers. After all, listening to your feedback is what helps us decide on our next milestone. The additional facilitylets our staff assist clients through common difficulties and complex problems, meaning we get to learn more from one other and grow as a team.

    Why We’re Doing It

    Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the production, manufacturing, and distribution of many products. The results have been devastating for several industries, and morale is at an all-time low. However, we understand our responsibility as a pillar in the CNC marketplace. So, we’ve vowed to plow forward for a brighter tomorrow.

    Pioneer Cuts believes in carrying on despite the challenges. We think it’s important to continually serve our customers in any way we can, so building this new facility is our way of encouraging others to remain resilient as well. Our crucial expansion into the future with new tools, new techniques, and new attitudes is a testament to our company’s versatility.

    A Look at Our Expansion Timeline

    Latest Expansion Pioneer CutsAlthough we just stated on the construction of our new facility, we don’t expect it to take long to complete. Once again, we’ve decided to work with highly rated contracting companies that value the same principles as Pioneer Cuts. Together, we plan to open our new expansion for private and public use as soon as possible.

    Because of Coronavirus, however, our building project requires enhanced safety measures and construction regulations that may slow down the process a bit. We encourage our customers to continue placing orders as we grow into this new arena. Metal finishing and prototyping are essential parts of the production process, so we promise to be quick and efficient on every detail.

    We also know that the pandemic has a silver lining. Its intrusion into our lives has created new market demands that require innovative engineers and talented CNC machinists. We see the manufacturing industry getting ready to explode like never before, and we want to be on the front lines (with you) when it does.

    How to Get Ahold of Us

    This expansion does not change who we are as a company. Our phone number and address are still the same too. The addition of this new facility does not alter the way we do business nor how you get ahold of our staff. It simply enhances our ability to serve each client’s needs while giving us all more space to complete complex processes.

    For more information about our facility expansion or our enhanced machining capabilities, contact our friendly customer service representatives. We offer quick, convenient 6-hour quotes and can expedite shipping of machined parts whenever it’s needed. Best of all, we provide real-time tracking of your order from start to finish and use advanced tools to help customize your components at every turn of the lathe.

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