3 – 5 Axis CNC Milling

CNC Milling is a subtractive manufacturing process by which a spinning cutter rapidly removes material from a piece of stock until the final shape is achieved. At Pioneer Cuts, we uphold a standard of exacting tolerances through our milling processes that exceed the expectations of our customers such as NASA and Boeing. Between our assortment of 6 CNC Mills, our shop commits to handling your orders – no matter how large or small.

Beyond the traditional 3 axis milling capabilities, our shop offers advanced manufacturing in the form of 4th and even 5th axis machining. These capabilities allow us to shorten production times by eliminating the process of rotating and reindicating workpieces between major operations. Such a benefit translates directly to our customers as shorter lead times and the opportunity to utilize our services as a one-stop shop for your prototyping needs.

Pioneer Cuts differs from your average machine shop with our dedication to keeping our customers in the loop. Our acclaimed communication practices facilitate your project planning, which is crucial to maintaining product availability or launching first in a competitive market. At Pioneer Cuts, we break ground everyday to slash lead times and improve quality. Our dedication is evidenced in our extensive lineup of machines. Whether you need a one-off proof of concept from our Haas Mini Mill or a full run of production parts from our high-speed Haas VM2SS, our team has the resources and skill-set to get your parts done – regardless of the complexity or quantity of your order.

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