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    Metal Finishing Overview

    Our efficient Metal Finishing process uses industry-leading tools and specialized machines that are operated by qualified technicians. We finish a vast array of different materials for countless industries and provide support throughout the entire project. Our team strives to offer consistent product quality by sharing your high expectations of proficiency and accuracy. This is what has made us the premier CNC machine shop in the state of Michigan.

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    How Our Metal Finishing Process Works

    Metal finishing is a complex process that requires years of experience and special tools. It involves changing the surface of a workpiece for a wide variety of purposes. Most commonly, however, customers seek improvements to the object’s appearance and/or functionality. It’s through our precision handling that the job gets done correctly.

    The process starts with a quick quote from one of our expert staff members to determine your exact needs. We then go over the details of your project to ensure each step is aligned with your goals. Afterwards, we begin finishing the metals by first cleaning then polishing the exterior based on your order specifications.

    Pioneer Cuts is on the front lines of emerging technologies, often using techniques such as electroplating, anodizing, chemical conversion, and powder coating in conjunction with our basic metal finishing services. Our team can manipulate several different mediums to scrape, etch, plate, or smooth until the product is perfect. So, whether you’re finishing metals for a functional prototype or adding innovations to an existing design, we’ve got your back.

    Metal Finishing VS Quick Turn CNC Machining

    Pioneer Cuts Metal Finishing Services may use quick turn CNC machining to polish or improve a material’s surface, but these two methods are completely separate. Quick turn CNC techniques involve placing a workpiece on a stationary plane before introducing a rotating cutting tool. It’s generally used to cut grooves and define the shape of an object.

    On the other hand, metal finishing involves taking an already shaped object and smoothing down the outside areas to enhance its aesthetics or durability. It’s also sometimes used to ensure the proper fit of various components on a new design. So, while we may use our CNC milling, grinding, and turning machines to get the job done, rest assured that your finished product will be exactly what you envisioned.

    The Pioneer Cuts Commitment

    At Pioneer Cuts, we’re committed to providing individuals and companies with reliable action plans, professional assistance, and efficient production speeds. We pride ourselves on making high-quality parts on a schedule that suits your needs. Plus, our experienced staff of expert machinists are ready and willing to handle complex projects for all industries.

    Meanwhile, the vast majority of our metal finishing processes are environmentally conscientious and conservative. Our crews can work quickly and efficiently regardless of project volume, all while preserving materials to help cut costs and waste. We focus on the deburring and polishing so you can focus on saving time and money. In fact, Pioneer Cuts offers many in-house metal finishing services besides the basics, including:

    • Abrasive
    • Blasting
    • Descaling
    • Ultrasonic Cleaning
    • Vibratory Polishing
    • Passivation
    • Part Degreasing
    • Straightlining

    And through our unique connections with well-equipped suppliers, we’re able to perform chrome plating and other secondary operations as well. And while we’re known for our impeccable metal finishing work, we can also finish materials such as rubber, silicone, plastic, ceramic, wood, and most super alloys. Custom metal finishing from a CNC machine shop usually requires extensive resources and expertise. Demanding quality control regulations and documentation can be difficult to maintain. However, our team helps make the process easier by streamlining steps from beginning to end.

    Benefits of Pioneer Cuts Metal Finishing

    Responsibly sourced metal finishing services are extremely beneficial (if not necessary) for multiple industries. Here’s the top 3 advantages to choosing Pioneer Cuts for the work:

    • Cleaner production methods: Our diligent methods help keep contaminants off of your finished product.
    • Shorter lead times: We offer a quick 6-hour quote and promise fast turnarounds regardless of the complexity of your project.
    • Better component alignment: Pioneer Cuts ensures that your materials are primed for use in whatever capacity they’re made for.

    We’re ready help you make a smoother transition between concept and reality, so contact one of our talented machinists for more information or to set up a quote.


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