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Metal Finishing

The prototypes that we make end up all over the world – from test components for the space
industry to early-stage medical devices to the startups in your very own town. Parts designated
for specific applications in those industries need specialized finishes, and we rise to the
challenge. In addition to handling and shaping the primary material of your prototype, we offer a
wide variety of material finish processes. We’ve got general cleaning and polishing services
in-house, and we’ve got an established working relationship with our local finishing shop.

In-house, we can tumble your parts to deburr, polish, and smooth out the surface finish of your
parts. For customers that need prototypes that with a consistent matte finish, we can provide
glass bead blasting services.

For specialized surface finishes or other coatings, we contract out with a reliable, quick, and
high quality finishing shop. Each of the following services from our partner shop feature a
lightning-fast turnaround time, so that we can guarantee prototype delivery on your schedule.
Corrosion resistance is available through Nickel Plating and Anodizing. If your prototypes need
to be relatively inert against any surrounding components, they also offer Passivation. They also
offer several chemical conversion coating processes – including Phosphate Coating and Black
Oxide. Finally, they also can provide purely cosmetic coatings through Painting.

Pioneer Cuts knows that prototype coatings are just as important as the parts that they cover.
We are dedicated to providing the finishes that are critical to your success.

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