Inspection and Certification

In the prototyping process, it is critical to have parts that match the specifications of your
engineers and designers. As a part of Pioneer Cuts’ dedication to providing our customers with
precise, cost-effective components, we incorporate quality assurance throughout our entire

Each individual part undergoes a standard inspection process that begins while it is in the
machine itself. Orientation and offset parameters are taken into account by our in-process
inspection at the hands of each machine’s integrated Renishaw Probe. Once the part is
retrieved from the machine, our quality assurance expert performs a preliminary inspection on
every finished product, measuring, verifying, and documenting the key features of the workpiece
at no additional cost to our customers. For clients in need of the utmost precision, Pioneer Cuts
can provide a detailed inspection with our top-of-the-line Keyence Coordinate-Measuring
Machine (CMM) with outputs available in either report or spreadsheet format.

To ensure that our parts meet the compliance standards of your industry, we are also capable of
generating reports and certifications to accompany all items that we ship. Our most commonly
requested report is to certify the First Article Inspection that we perform for production run

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