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    The computer numerical control, or CNC, the industry was estimated to be worth more than $67 billion back in 2019. Meanwhile, the inclusion of automation has made some people skeptical about the longevity of this industry. However, modern robotics has only fortified an already robust sector of the economy. Plus, automation has allowed many shops to start completing more custom orders.

    So, how does an established CNC machine shop handle custom machining jobs, and do complex projects slow them down? If they’re using manual labor only, then the answer is probably yes. But if they’re well-equipped with industry-leading technologies and techniques, all is well. In fact, shops with the right stuff can complete custom CNC machining orders in record time and without breaking the bank. Here’s how.

    How do CNC machine shops do custom machining?

    Well-equipped machine shops can handle all sorts of CNC machining specifications, whether they’re for smaller projects or for massive industries like aerospace and automotive. Their high-speed precision work is backed by a combination of many different things, including but not always limited to these:

    #1. High-Tech Programming Software

    Custom CNC machining requires more than just a good idea and a solid design. It also requires the best possible CAD/CAM software. Usually, shops that operate ProShop ERP are best equipped to handle complex orders with intricate geometries. That’s because their software can manage several different operations at once while reducing the margin of human error.

    #2. Multi-Axis Machines

    Machines and tools that can make precision cuts in a wide range of materials are crucial to any CNC machine shop. But facilities with multi-axis machining capabilities are more ideal for custom orders. Because c-axis turning and live tooling speed up the cutting process without sacrificing accuracy, shops that can handle it play an essential role in completing custom projects.

    #3. Industry Certifications

    No custom CNC machine shop is worth its weight in metal if it’s not at least ITAR registered, ISO9000 certified, or AS9100 certified. That’s because those qualifications not only make a shop a legitimate manufacturer of regulated products, but also guarantee they’re working with top-of-the-line software, tools, equipment, and staff to adhere to various production guidelines.

    #4. Rapid Prototyping

    One of the greatest tools for custom order clients is prototyping, but traditional prototyping techniques weren’t always convenient or affordable. Meanwhile, the best CNC machine shops are able to provide rapid prototyping through their use of high-tech equipment. So, clients can create and troubleshoot their designs more efficiently and without going broke in the process.

    #5. Expedited Metal Finishing

    Legit shops are well-versed in material properties, so they can offer more in terms of efficient designing and expedited project completion. And since the metal finishing step is one of the most important in most custom creations, having tailored access to something that fast and affordable is a major advantage. That’s especially true if you’re ordering custom parts in bulk.

    #6. Skilled Machinists

    What’s a well-equipped CNC machine shop without a team of experts to run it? You can have all the fancy tools, gear, and software you want, but you’ll never achieve precision without a skilled human touch. Custom orders often require such additional measures to ensure product quality. Plus, it never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes on your finished products.

    #7. Non-Destructive Testing

    When you’re working with new design concepts and/or custom machining orders, it’s important to test theories and geometries without destroying the material or the prototype. So, the best shops will offer this benefit as well, with non-destructive testing (NDT) capabilities to help clients get the answers they need without wasting time, manpower, or materials.

    Custom CNC machining also calls for a facility that’s large enough to handle big projects, with plenty of raw materials to work with. So, to find out whether your concept is a go or not, contact an expert at Pioneer Cuts.

    What are the top 5 benefits of custom CNC machining?

    There are many benefits to working with a top CNC machine shop that can handle custom orders. Aside from their facilities being better equipped to complete complex designs, these are some of the other advantages to clients:

    #1. Machining Accuracy

    Custom orders require much attention, and the shops they’re made in are stocked with excellent machines. Thus, projects get completed with supreme precision and can even be worked on or adjusted mid-production in many cases. Talk to your design and engineering team for more details.

    #2. Lower Maintenance

    Because most of today’s precision CNC machining is done with the help of automation and robotics, there’s a lot less maintenance when manufacturing parts. Machinists no longer have to halt the process to make minor adjustments. Instead, they can smoothly transition from one step to the next without causing delays.

    #3. Project Affordability

    Thanks to all the streamlining and simplifying, custom CNC machine shops can offer better pricing to their customers, even if their projects are large, complex, or difficult. That, in turn, helps lower the cost of production while encouraging new designers to take a leap of faith. Therefore, it’s a vital driving factor in the growth of the CNC machining industry.

    #4. Faster Turnarounds

    When machine shops don’t have to worry about small, nagging details, their staff is able to complete projects in record time. Between enhanced software, state-of-the-art machines, and excellent tools, clients frequently enjoy short lead times and rapid turnarounds regardless of their project’s complexity.

    #5. Increased Complexity

    Shops that consistently utilize all of today’s top machining methods and tools can handle intricate geometries without trouble or delay. That means more sophisticated designs and better project outcomes. And since there’s rapid prototyping available too, clients can push the limits of their creativity without having to worry about the budget.

    Reach out to a team member at Pioneer Cuts to get more information on the benefits of custom CNC machining.

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