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    The world relies on top-quality machining in countless ways. Nearly everything we see has the touch of a skilled machinist behind it, so the extremely precise aerospace industry is no different. In fact, that sector depends on accuracy and efficiency more than textiles and novelties combined. Therefore, the work of Pioneer Cuts is essential to consistently provide high-quality precision parts at all times.

    The importance of precision in CNC machining for aerospace

    Some industries can get by with tight tolerances on only a few specific parts. High levels of precision and cutting accuracy may not be required for every component or assembly. However, the aerospace industry operates around standardized tolerances, exact dimensions, and unwavering performance. It provides those in the air with maximum confidence and safety.

    Aerospace applications require state-of-the-art machining equipment to accommodate the tight standardized tolerances that are allowable in the industry. Pioneer cuts use high-tech CNC machine systems to manage tolerances up to .002mm. Plus, our advanced post-processing and inspection techniques help us guarantee properly finish prototypes and parts no matter how complex they are.

    Our team of experts already uses a wide range of CNC machining tools and techniques to craft robust, lightweight, and intricate components for the aerospace and automotive industries.

    We diligently manufacture high-performance polymers such as PEEK to equip our fabrication departments with regulation materials so they can do their job without delay.

    Meanwhile, Pioneer Cuts is stepping up our ability to provide high-precision aerospace machining for polymer-based applications with an expanded inventory and superior vendors.

    New materials used in aerospace manufacturing

    There are millions of components that make up an aircraft. For example, the Boeing 747 requires more than six million manufacturing operations for its completion. And while many of those operations aren’t CNC-related, most of them are. So, the best CNC machine shop should be stocked with a variety of different materials for immediate fabrication and assembly, or they should be connected to trusted vendors with a reputation for quality. Pioneer Cuts is both.

    Thanks to our newly enhanced catalog, we’re now able to provide the aerospace industry with the following:

    Better Lightweight Metals

    Strength and weight are two essential properties of any material used by the aerospace industry. Though durable and robust, materials such as steel and iron aren’t always ideal for certain components because of their heaviness and density. That, in turn, reduces the aircraft’s fuel efficiency and makes flying more expensive. On the other hand, lightweight metals such as aluminum and titanium are often preferred because they’re easier to work with while still being strong. Better metals also boost resistance to extreme temperatures and reduce surface corrosion.

    More Heavy-Duty Plastics

    Reinforced plastics are frequently used in today’s aerospace industry because they can be craft into complex, functional structures that withstand lots of pressure.

    Polymer-based materials like these are extremely lightweight as well, which is why they’re in favor of interior parts such as wiring conduits, walls and seats, and even aircraft windows or doors. Our aerospace-grade plastics meet or exceed the industry’s fire-retardant regulations too, meaning they’re ideal for special projects and add-on manufacturing.

    The creation of a safe and functional aircraft requires numerous machining methods, from sheet metal fabricating to advanced 3D printing. Multi-axis machining is a preferred technique for simplifying the process and ensuring accuracy because machinists can use a wide variety of different materials. Multi-axis CNC also allows parts to be cut along X, Y, or Z axes without reconfiguring the component.
    Meanwhile, complexity is an asset to the aerospace industry because requires geometries. it can be drill, mill, or manipulate to reduce weight without diminishing value or performance.

    How an expanded aerospace inventory equals better CNC services

    Pioneer Cuts strives to provide helpful, reliable CNC machining to all clients regardless of their industry. However, we’re well aware that growth is always important. So, we aim to use our enhanced inventory to better serve the aerospace industry as it climbs to new heights.

    Paired with your smart design and our ProShop ERP software that streamlines the machining process from start to finish, Pioneer Cuts can produce high-quality end-use parts for all aerospace projects big or small. From hydraulic manifolds and fuel bodies to landing gear and electrical components,  we’ve got the enhanced inventory and industry-leading expertise to get it done accurately and on time.

    This also allows us to take on a wider range of projects with equally efficient turnaround times. Our revolutionary skills and equipment play a significant role in today’s aerospace industry, with even more involvement to come in the future. Right now, we work closely with aerospace firms and OEMs to craft precision prototypes and parts within days. Tomorrow, we may be able to do more.

    The takeoff

    Modern aerospace manufacturing requires intelligent technology, expert machining, and high-quality materials to meet the staunch industry standards. Meanwhile, the upgraded inventory at Pioneer Cuts is design to exceed those expectations and raise the bar on CNC machining for aerospace clients.

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